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Susana Puigsegur
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Name: Susana Sarabia Puigsegur

City: Barcelona & Madrid

Telephone: 636 51 13 97


2002.Characterization technique. Institute of Education Secondary Salvador Seguí. Barcelona. Content developed: Visage, fashion, makeup characterization, with special effects makeup, hair transformation for characterization, fabrication of prostheses for characterization, dentures, hairpieces, mechanics, characters and design processes and audiovisual performances.

2002.Specialized course in hairdressing studio and hair changes.


2010. Course Technical collected. Michael Griñó School.

2010. Course airbrushing.

2001. Course makeup art. School of professional makeup Montserrat Fajardo.Content developed: Visage, beauty, fashion, advertising, gateway, film, characterization, wigs and special effects.

2000. Course makeup art. Artistic School of Make up Stick Art Studio. Barcelona. Content developed: Visage, fashion, psicomorfología, characterization, artistic and special effects first level.

1999. Aesthetics and beauty. Academic Center rifles.


Spanish: level
Catalan: mother tongue
English: written, read, translated and spoken middle


2008: Film "Paintball." Producer: Filmax. Director Daniel Benmayor. Help of special effects Sputnick

2007: Feature Film "MY LIFE IN RUINS" Donald Petrie - KANZAMAN PRODUCTIONS (SPAIN / PLAYTONE (USA). Hairstyling and makeup.

2007: Film "TODAY IS NOT FIA MAÑANA SI. Producer: Basque films Muxica Films.Director: Francisco Avizanda. No makeup and hairdressing.

2006: Film "ASTERIX AND IN OBELIX the Olympic Games." Ciudad de la Luz, Alicante. Prop maker.

2005: Feature film "El Perfume". Director: Tom Tykwer. Productoras: Ikiru Films, Constantin Films and DreamWorks. Makeup special effects and Prop Maker.

2005: Feature "FORT APACHE". High Production and Media Production pro.Director: Matthew Adrover and Photography: Pancho Alcaine. Assistant to Special Effects

2005: Feature "going to be THAT NOBODY IS PERFECT. Producer: Media Pro Sheet Music Films and Television Diagonal. Director: Joaquin Oristrell. Assistant Makeup and Hairdressing.

2004: Feature film "The Kibris," Blue Dragon producer, director: Germán assistants

2009: Short Film "92." Production Company: Mago producciones. Dirctor: Guy Martin. Makeup and hairstyling.

2008: Short Film "2 hands and a cluster of izquierdas manchados gray eyes."Director: Antonio Trashorras. Producer: Roxbury and arsenic. Special Effects: DDT.Assistant to Special Effects.

2008: Short Film "There is intelligent life on other planets." Producer: VISUAL DDM and Marge. Director: Peter Solés and David Perez. Makeup and hairstyling.

2007: Short Film "WHICH ARE Miran Miron. Director Manuel Mira. Makeup and Peluqueria

2004: Short Film "Route Zero" Director: Josep Morato. Makeup and hairstyling.

2003: Short Film "Tic Tac", director Josep Morato. Makeup and hairstyling.

2001: Short film "THE TWO SERPIENTE CABEZAS. Dual Band Productions, S.L


2006: TV Program Aires "in terms of VI. Producer iMagic Telecom, SL Makeup and hairstyling.

2006: "impossible interview", featuring actor George Dauder as Narcissus Monturiol and interviewed by the scientist George Wagensberg, the actress Marta Angeles as the writer Mercedes Rodoreda and interviewed by the writer Marius Serra, actorPeter Arguillué as the bandit Serrallonga and interviewed by journalist Vicente Sanchis, Josep Torrents as Antoni Gaudi and interviewed by Marius Carol. Back iMagic Films Production And Telecom, SL Characterize, makeup and hairdresser.

2005 - 2006: Gala FAO Mira Quien Baila. TVE and Gestmusic. Makeup.

2005: TV Costa Brava. Makeup and hairstyling.

2004: "La Columna" de Julia Otero. Makeup.

2004 - 2005 - 2006: Program "Cooking for Singles," producer Mediapro. Makeup and Hairdressing.

2001: Television (BTV). Barcelona. Make up and hairdressing salon


2010 - Videoclip Miquel Abras. The last goodbye. Global Music label S.L. Director Albert Blanch. Makeup and hairstyling.

2009 - Videoclip "KATARRAMA" song is not pesimisme. Production Goal Studio.Makeup, hair and characterize.

2009 - Los Mojinos Escocíos Video, song "La madre de José". Head of Makeup and hairstyling.

2008 - Video of the band "Le Croupier." Director. Raja Alam.
Makeup and hairstyling.

2008 - Videoclip of the band "Le Croupier." Ground Audio Video Producer. Makeup and hairstyling.

2008 - Video of the musical group "La Carrau. DDM Production VISUAL. Makeup and hairstyling.

2006 - Novo Video Group. DDM Visual Production. Makeup and hairstyling.

2006 - Videoclip of singer Felix Ventura. Ground Audio Video Producer. Makeup and hairstyling.

2006 - heaped Caxhimbas Video Group. Ground Audio Video. Makeup and hairstyling.

2001 - LA FIESTA Videoclip musical group, song: Take Vitamin. Producer Universal.Makeup and hairstyling.


2010 - High Season Spot advertising Girona.

2010 - Spot Seat advertising UEFA. Producer: The Lift international productions slNo makeup and hairdressing.
2009 - Spot advertising firm Venus. Producer: GOODGATE PRODUCTIONS S.L.Makeup and hairstyling.

2006 - Spots advertising. DDM Visual Production. Make up and Hairdressing.


2010: Video of the Company Intercruisers. Hairdresser and makeup.

2009: Video Company Nagel. Makeup and Hairdressing.

2008: Documentary of the band "Pueblo Nuevo". Director: Manuel Mira. Makeup and hairstyling.

2006: Documentary Radio Liberty. Producer Canal Paradis. Makeup and hairstyling.

2005: Barcelona promotional video for the Government of Catalonia. Aurea Documentary Producer. Makeup and hairstyling.

2005: Promotional Video of Girona. Producer: Paradise Canal. Makeup and hairstyling.


2009: 080 Barcelona Fashion gateway. Designer Gori de Palma. Makeup.

2008-2007: 080. Barcelona Fashion. Designer Miriam Ponsa. Makeup.

2005: Eurovision Gateway Bread and Butter Barcelona. Designer Miriam Ponsa.Makeup.

2004: Gateway  Gaudi Museum "Textil e indumentaria. Miriam Ponsa designers and Marta Teran. Makeup.

2004: Gateway  Gaudí designer Miriam Ponsa. Makeup and hairstyling.

2003: Congress Gateway  "Weddings and Weddings. Barcelona. Makeup.


2010 photo shoot with photographer Mary Brodkin. Makeup and hairstyling.

2010-2009: photo sessions with photographer Claude War. Makeup and hairstyling.

2010 publicity photo sessions with the study Starp. Makeup and hairstyling.

2009: Work done by the director of photography James Peracaula. Makeup and hairstyling.

2010 - 2009: photo sessions with photographer Cristian Di Stefano. Makeup and hairstyling.

2009: Session Ninetto Photo 72: Photo representative of art and fashion in Barcelona. Photographer: Cristian Di Stefano, Styling: Joseph Fountain, hairdresser Marcel, Susana Puigsegur Makeup.

2010-2008: Advertising photography, Josep Morato. Makeup and hairstyling.

2008: Photo session with Agustina Rodriguez. Makeup and hairstyling.

2007: Photo Session for Sea franc. Makeup and hairstyling.

2007-2006: Publicity photographs for the company Euroconstruct Catalonia. Makeup and hairstyling.

2004: Jobs for the photographer Marc Cuxart. Makeup and hairstyling.

2004: Jobs for the photographer Joaquim Montaner. Makeup and hairstyling.

2003 -2002: works with the photographer Jaime Cosialls. Makeup and hairstyling.

2002: Collaboration with the photography school IDEP (Barcelona). Makeup and hairstyling.

2001: University of Photography at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.
Terrassa (Barcelona). Makeup and hairstyling collaboration.


2009: Festival Porta Ferrada Sant Feliu de Guixols. Ballet in Munich. Producer: Bittern Productions. Makeup and Hairdressing.

2008: Festival Temporada Alta de Girona. Play: "... the work PFFFT or the last tango." Producer: Bittern Productions. Makeup and hairstyling.

2001: Catholic Social Centre. Terrassa (Barcelona). Work: Earth-S.A. Makeup and characterize.


2006 - 2005 - 2004 - 2003: Professor makeup of choosing makeup Montserrat Fajardo.

2009 - 2008 - 2007 - Trainer line of makeup Montserrat Fajardo.

2009: Trainer makeup for the signature Art Deco.

2009: Trainer makeup for the company Learn to Buy Distributor Burragan Diaz.Santander

2005-2006: Lecturer in makeup school of consulting image Josep Pons.

2006: Professor of makeup for the IES Torrevicens Lleida (Deparatament Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia).


2009 - 2008 - 2007 - 2006 Special effects for special effects company Sputnick


2008: Advisory Alicia Sánchez Camacho, president of the PP Catalan.

2008 - 2007 - 2006 - 2005 - 2004 - 2003: Taller de cine "clapperboard." Summer workshop for children.

2008 - 2007: cavalcade of kings in Sitges. And characterize the makeup artist.

2005: characterization of a human sculpture by the sculptor of busts Paolo Schimidlin the art gallery Myth. Barcelona.

2005: Minister of beauty signature high Clinique cosmetics

2005 - 2004 - 2003: Works for producing 'Aurea Documentary. " Makeup and hairstyling.

2004: Lecture on Montserrat Fajardo "Cosmobelleza Congress." Makeup.

2004: Body Painting Contest Finalist. Bilbao

2003: Make over journalist Concha Garcia Campoy, award awards Planet

2002: Consultant to the firm Makeup La Roche-Posay. "L'ORÉAL. Makeup.

2001: Halloween show. Port Aventura theme park. Salou
(Tarragona). Makeup and characterize.

2001: XIII show cultural programs in the field of Performing Arts. Makeup.


• B1 driving license / own vehicle
• Free Lance
• Total Access.
• Immediate incorporation.

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Curriculum of my years working in the world of makeup and hair.


Curriculum of my years working in the world of makeup and hair.